See How Those Gorgeous Social Media Images are Created – You Can Do It Too!

June 17, 2017

Do you turn green with envy at the photos you see posted in Instragram, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites? You may find yourself wishing you could join your friends in their exotic locales, or dream of just the right mixture of light, location and subject. Some of those images may indeed be legit, but often they are produced, and concocted with careful use of perspective, and maybe (quite) a bit of Photoshop, along with an assistant willing to go along with the fun.

The website Bored Panda uncovered some of the techniques photographers use to fool the viewer into believing their subject matter is more than what it is. Their headline implies that these techniques are misleading and untrustworthy. However, many of them have been in use for ages–now it’s just easier to remove the props that don’t belong, thanks to Photoshop.

There are some very interesting set-ups. Have a look here

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