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Had another outing today with new Nikon D7000 and the 18-200 VR lens. You may recall my post of Sept. 4, 2011 where I sang the virtues of this great lens-how sharp it is even extended all the way to the long end of its telephoto range. That post included a photo that was taken […]

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Shooting the Moon

March 19, 2011

As an one-time avid player of the card game Hearts, I was lucky to shoot the moon rather often. However, once I began seriously aiming for the real moon in my photographic pursuits, I found the task a bit more challenging. Today was another attempt, since this full moon-on March 19, 2011, is a super […]


A great place to practice your photography techniques is right in your backyard. The flower garden is ever changing with the season and the weather, and the blooms are very cooperative subjects. They don’t get bored, or tired of standing in one place, or refuse to look at the camera. What better place for a […]