The point of “mindful” photography, is to present a subject in a way that the average person may not ever see it, or consider viewing it. It’s the lazy photographer who stands in front of a subject, living or inanimate, and just snaps the shutter from eye level. It’s a challenge to create a compelling […]


March 4, 2011

I just found this photo over at the PhotoTuts blog where it was being used to demonstrate the effects of a Photoshop Action. Photoshop Actions are a subject for a different day. Here I want to take a closer look at the composition of the image, and how it is compelling even though it breaks […]


Minimalism-Take 2

October 9, 2010

Last week I posted a link to some fabulous minimalist photos, and we discussed them in the Wednesday evening class. What a great inspiration those sample photos were! This week I challenged the class to find their own minimalist subject, and in order to lead by example, I looked for one myself.  What could be […]


When I started in photography, a mentor gave me a mantra: Define the subject. Bring attention to it. Simplify. What great advice! So many potentially great photos fall short because they fail to address those three compositional essentials. I have found that an exercise in minimalism helps to hone composition skills because by its very […]


As we begin the summer fun season, there is no doubt that many photographs will be captured at the countless celebrations, parties, and scenic vistas we will encounter. As a photographer myself, I view many wonderful images, and also many nice images that would be wonderful if the photographer had taken a moment to check […]