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May 8, 2017

May Assignment: Time Waits for No One

I promised I would take us out of our comfort zones, and the May assignment will do just that. We have been focusing on visual themes, from composition to exposure techniques. This time we will work on interpretation.

The definition of Timeless, according to


1. without beginning or end; eternal; everlasting.
2. referring or restricted to no particular time : the timeless beauty of great music.

Now, don’t become lazy in your exposure or composition just because we don’t have a “technique” assigned.  This theme has many possibilities, and it’s likely that your exposure and composition treatments will play a large part in properly presenting your interpretation.

Post no more than 2 of your favorites with your name and the word “timeless” in the filename.

Footnote: Kudos to Dorothy Catapano, who shared a list of themes from a book she recently purchased, Photographer’s Playbook. It’s a nice collection of one page essays and articles from photographers offering inspiration to folks like us. Find it here 

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