Digital photographers, you can now rejoice.

Cameras, Computers & Cyberspace is the digital photography tutorial site that actually teaches you how to use your camera, edit your photos and present them either online or in prints.  Sure other websites help you learn how to do certain things, like using filters in Photoshop, or making the most of your clone/healing tool.  Before you even reach that point, though, how can you learn how to use your camera and get your photos into your computer, or on the web?

Stick around and I’ll show you how.

I have been a photographer since I could hold a camera, and I was so excited by the prospect of digital photography where I would have complete control over the creation of my images from the moment I snapped the shutter until I mounted it in a frame or on my online gallery. However, that excitement was quickly replaced by frustration as I searched, without success, for tutorials and tips to help me make the transition from film to digital image capture.

Film was certainly simpler. Just load the cartridge, snap away, drop off at the one-hour photo lab, and later in the day, your prints and negatives are ready for viewing.

Digital photography can be that simple, but first a few buttons, dials and menus need to be properly set. Where’s your White Balance? What ISO are you using? How do you minimize digital noise? What? Huh?  Don’t worry, it’s easy, and once you set them, you can usually forget them. And we’ll tell you how, and lots more, right here.